Training for Licensed Therapists

The Family Attachment Center offers training for therapists in the diagnoses and treatment of children with attachment disorder. The training is offered on a periodic basis. Training consists of combination of experiential training and theoretical discussion. Trainees see a range of therapeutic interventions in our multi-modal approach: EMDR, narrative therapy, core standard training, play therapy, parent education, etc. Trainees will be in the office approximately 50-80 hours over a two week period.

Experiential Training

We offer training only when we have multiple clients scheduled for intensive attachment disorder therapy. Trainees will participate as an assistant therapist in actual therapy sessions with a lead therapist from the Family Attachment Center. Each trainee will sit in with multiple lead therapists, in order to observe the individual styles of different practitioners. Trainees will meet with parents and the lead therapist to discuss the child and the day's planned interventions, engage the child in a diagnostic play therapy session, and participate in group therapy sessions.

Theoretical Discussion

Time is allotted each day, both prior to and after therapy sessions, to discuss the theoretical basis for the therapy and the basis for choosing specific interventions.

Access to Additional Resources

Trainees have access to the Family Attachment Center's library of audiotapes and videotapes. The Center has over 200 audiotapes of workshops from the past several years of conferences of the Association for Treatment and Training in the Attachment of Children. The Center has many videotapes that feature attachment, psychology, and adoption related issues. Trainees can discuss business issues involved in the delivery of attachment therapy with Todd Nichols, Executive Director of the Family Attachment Center and Treasurer of the Association for Treatment and Training in the Attachment of Children.


Trainees must meet, at a minimum, the following qualifications:

  • Hold a license to practice therapy in their home locale, and
  • Have substantial experience working with children and families

Prior training in EMDR is advised although not required. EMDR training may be obtained from the EMDR Institute.


Joanne May, PhD, LP, LMFT
Denise Lacher, MA, LP
Melissa Nichols, MA, LMFT


The two week training costs $2,000. Trainees are responsible for their own room and board.


If you have questions, please call Todd Nichols, Denise Lacher, or Joanne May at 952-475-2818.