Parenting with Stories Workbook

Parenting with Stories: Creating a foundation of attachment for parenting your child
By Melissa Nichols, M.A., Denise Lacher, M.A., and Joanne May, Ph.D.

This new book teaches parents a technique to help children with all types of issues. Presented in a step by step workbook format, parents will find this technique easy to learn and helpful for healing trauma, building character, helping self esteem, relieving anxiety, and a variety of other problems. Based on Family Attachment Narrative Therapy, which was developed to work with children traumatized prior to age 2, Parenting with Stories is a valuable book for all parents and professionals.

Book chapters:

  • Parenting With and Without Attachment
  • Power of the Spoken Word
  • How to Tell a Story
  • Perspective of the Old: Determining the Inner Working Model
  • Claiming Narrative
  • Developmental Narrative
  • Trauma Narrative
  • Successful Child Narrative

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