Mission & Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the growth and healthy functioning of individuals and families through professional guidance. We offer a full range of mental health services, with a special emphasis on services for children.

Our Commitment to Christian Values

Our therapists are personally committed to Christian values, principles and guidelines. This commitment helps us provide the highest quality psychotherapy services to the entire community. We do not use the therapeutic session to preach or proselytize, and we will address issues of faith, religion and/or lifestyle only at the client's request. Then, we will address such issues in a nonjudgmental fashion. The Christian commitment of our staff is expressed in many faith communities and contributes to our ability to successfully work with clients from a variety of faiths and personal values.

Our Family Attachment Narrative Therapy process is an excellent tool for families to incorporate their own values and beliefs into the therapy via the narratives, and as such is respectful of all backgrounds.

Whatever the cause or need for mental health services, the Family Attachment and Counseling Center can help.