First Steps and Parents

First Steps was written with parents in mind. Originally designed as a multi week course for parents who recently adopted, First Steps teaches parents about important concepts and tools that will help with their adopted children. Below are some of the many ways parents can use First Steps.

  • View First Steps to gain valuable information about how your child's early life experiences may influence his view on himself, others and the world around him.
  • View First Steps to gain practical advice on how to help your child manage their environment, emotions and behaviors.
  • View First Steps to gain awareness about the importance of looking underneath challenging behavior to identify and be in tune with your child's needs.
  • View First Steps to learn tools that will help you meet your child's needs.
  • View First Steps to receive assistance in designing strategies to help your child heal, including the innovative approach of creating and telling stories. First Steps includes training and examples from therapy sessions.
  • View First Steps to hear other families share pieces of their parenting journey of healing through attachment related issues.
  • View First Steps with a spouse or support person to discuss the questions that are provided at the end of many sections to assist you in better understanding your child's perspective and how to work with that.
  • Own First Steps as a resource to watch your favorite sections throughout your years as a parent when you want to review specific information, need ideas or need encouragement.
  • Loan or purchase First Steps for family and friends who are interested in how they can support and understand your family better.
  • Organize an adoptive family support group and view First Steps together in smaller pieces with a time for discussion and support at the end of each section. Also use the publications Parenting with Stories and Connecting with Kids through Stories as part of your group.
  • View First Steps as an educational tool for potential adoptive parents to be aware of information and skills they may want to explore before deciding to become adoptive parents.

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