First Steps for Mental Health Professionals

Professionals can use First Steps to get information on how to apply narratives in their professional practice. Through the years professionals have repeatedly asked for video clips of therapy sessions using Family Attachment Narrative Therapy. Now for the first time the video clips are available on the First Steps DVD. Two clips are included for each of the four narrative types:

  • Claiming
  • Developmental
  • Successful Child
  • Trauma

Additional ways professionals can use First Steps:

  • View First Steps to broaden your understanding on attachment, regulation and attunement as well as how to learn how to apply Family Attachment Narrative Therapy to your practice.
  • Watch First Steps DVD in conjunction with reading Connecting with Kids through Stories and receive a fuller understanding of this unique therapeutic approach.
  • View parents on First Steps sharing real life experiences with parenting their adopted children to increase awareness and understanding of clients who are faced with attachment related issues.
  • Show portions of First Steps to clients or loan copies of the DVD to clients to watch between therapy sessions.
  • Sell copies to families to use in their home.

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