Placement Evaluations & Specialized Assessment

We offer a variety of assessments and evaluations for adults and children. Our services include standard evaluations, such as intelligence testing and personality evaluations. We offer comprehensive psychological evaluations combining a number of assessment instruments.

Quality of Attachment Assessment

We offer a unique Quality of Attachment assessment, which examines the quality and strength of the attachment relationship between a care giver and child. This assessment incorporates parent report, care giver-child observation, and other techniques as appropriate. The resulting data yield powerful information regarding the best interests of the child. This assessment has been used by social service agencies, in custody disputes, and in a variety of situations.

Parental Capacity Assessment

Our Parental Capacity Assessment combines the Quality of Attachment Assessment with an examination of the parent's capacity to meet the child's physical and emotional needs. This assessment uses parent-child observation and a battery of psychological assessment instruments.

For more information about assessment options, contact Todd Nichols at 952-475-2818.