Day Treatment Program

Our day treatment program offers follow up in a group setting. The goals of day treatment are to improve peer relations, behavior and self regulation, all in a peer setting. The day treatment curriculum uses socialization therapy and recreation therapy in addition to group psychotherapy.

All children in the program have behavioral problems and come from backgrounds that include neglect, abuse, foster care, and/or adoption. In most groups, these factors make a child. This setting normalizes these experiences, and gives the children opportunities for success in a group they may have never experienced.

Day Treatment lasts three hours per day. At least one hour consists of group or individual psychotherapy and the remainder of time is spent focusing on social skills, life skill, and recreation therapy. Throughout the session, therapists give children constant feedback. Behavior is labeled in terms of core standard of good behavior such as respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, giving and receiving love, and being fun to be around. Children are held accountable for their behavior choices.

The overriding goal is to give the children an opportunity to experience success in a social setting in an effort to shift their inner working model to a more positive, functional one. Children between the ages of 4 and 15 are considered for admittance. Currently, the program is offered one day per week. For information on fees, please see the fee schedule.